A new version will be released on Nov. 9th

Oct 31, 2011 at 11:52 PM
Edited Nov 1, 2011 at 12:17 AM

Hello fellow developers,

Many friends ask us: will you continue developing cloud samurai? We will, and we are excited to announce that we will release a new version on 2011/11/9. We may not add new features in this version, but we will re-design it to make it more stable, simpler and thus easier for you to use. The changes include:

  • Change the inter-role communication from 30 seconds polling to direct WCF call over private end points.
    • Make the monitor/control logics easier to understand
    • Reduce the system's response time to Azure environment and tenant change.
    • The behabior of the system will be more predictable.
  • Move the controling logic from App Host layer to Front End layer
    • Simplify the logic, so that make it easier for you to adopt this framework and make change on top of it.
  • Rewrite Admin UI with pure HTML and Java Script.
    • The current UI is written in ASP.NET MVC 3.0, which is good, but some developers may not need it.
    • By removing dependency on ASP.NET MVC, we reduced the Azure installation package size from 115MB to 20MB.
    • We hope the simpler HTML/JS UI will make it easier for you to integrate the Admin UI into your own App UI.
  • Enable Local Test in Visual Studio
    • We made quite some changes to the code to make it testable in local appFabric test environment.
    • Some functions still need to be tested in real Azure, like add/remove node. But most of the functions can now be tested locally.

Our goal is to build a simple, stable and easy to use framework. It's not our goal to build just another fancy but useless show case. So, before we move forward, we decide to work on the fundmentals first: make it simple and stable.

We will continue to develop this project, and we welcome your feedbacks and contributions. Since we are working on this in our spare time, the release may be slow. Be a little patient, and please show your support by posting feedbacks here or blogging in your community.


Dan & Trent