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Design services accross the board, and make consistent.


We have many services in diffent places. We need to standardize and be consistent with the placement. Common is a common assembly. We need to put the services in their corresponding roles. Prefereably interfaces implemented in diffent assemblies. We have the following situation for now.
D:\Projects\CustomerProjects\bowlus\Source\Bowlus.Common\IFrontEndService.cs(9): [ServiceContract]
D:\Projects\CustomerProjects\bowlus\Source\Bowlus.Common\NotifyModule.cs(22): [ServiceContract(Namespace = "Bowlus.NotifyService")]
D:\Projects\CustomerProjects\bowlus\Source\Bowlus.Azure.ServiceManagementWrapper\Contracts\IServiceManagement.cs(23): [ServiceContract(Namespace = Constants.ServiceManagementNS)]
D:\Projects\CustomerProjects\bowlus\Source\Bowlus.FrontEnd\AdminService.cs(16): [ServiceContract(Namespace = "Bowlus.AppHost.AdminService")]
(Dan) Of all these, NotifyModule is a little special, which is a service helper class. It contains no client nor server logic, while it can be used on either role to fire/serve msg from the other role. Please keep NotifyModule in common before we find a better solution.
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